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Washington Premier Soccer aka WPS Soccer

What do we offer?

* We offer a site that has loyal readers and crazy parents from across the state. All of who have a passion for soccer and the joy it brings to those involved in it.

* We offer high traffic and thousands of unique visitors a month.

* We offer no favorites or special treatment. We at WPS Soccer do not dictate what our followers say, nor do we remove their opinions from the forum. WPS is the Pulse of Washington Soccer because of our readers and that will not change by advertising with us. The Pulse is what you pay for!!!!!

Options in WPS advertising - Maximum Value

* Banner ads will be shown on the top right hand side of every page except the forum. They will be in maximum view and always on the page without scrolling. They will be color and our staff will make sure the quality is high and web-friendly for you.

* The forum also has advertising and is where the Pulse of Washington Soccer was born and continues to thrive on a daily basis.

Banner Pricing

* Tryouts banners are free and always will be on WashingtonPremierSoccer. The site was built on free info, and in order to keep it that way tryout banners will not change or cost a thing.

Individual Banner Costs

* These are banners aimed at individual training, speed training, soccer camps, soccer stores, and other sports related or not related to businesses.

3 month pass = $200

6 month pass= $400

Clubs Passes

Tournament Banners & Camp Banners

Single Tournament = $200

Unlimited Club Pass = $350

Single Camp = $200

Unlimited Club Camp = $350

Unlimited Camp and Tournament Banner Ad Passes =$500

Forum Banner

The forum banner is unique and sold month to month. It will remain your banner for a month and can be used as you like. The price is a bit more because it does not rotate or change which means it's 100% about YOU. Even the integrated inline banner becomes only yours. If you have any questions please email me. Forum Banner Questions

Forum banner = $100 a month.

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WPS Soccer takes care of you.....

* We make sure each ad is placed, pointed where you want, and has a quality look to the ad. We will take great care in making sure the info is out early in order to have results. Tournament ads will be run for months leading into them or as soon as the club wants them to begin running. Camps will be dealt with in the same fashion as Tournaments.

* Washington Premier Soccer is the Pulse of Washington Soccer it's exactly why tryout info and basic club info is always free to clubs. In fact clubs should use the site for stories and info..... it's FREE.

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